Privacy Policy

This document has been created with the purpose of gathering and disclosing the practices of ICO Blizzard. Please read this document carefully prior making use of ICO Blizzard’s website and its services.


This Privacy Policy document outlines the general rules of the collection, disposal, administration and store of ICO Blizzard’s users' Personal Data and Anonymous Data collected by us through ICO Blizzard which website is available at Including any information concerning privacy under the current General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It is implied that by using the Website and its services or by clicking “REGISTER” button the User agrees that he/she/it has read and accepts this Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree with this Privacy Policy, you should not use this site and the services provided by it.


1. Anonymous Data

The website of ICO Blizzard collects information for general purposes, this information is such as:

  • The IP Address
  • The browser type, its version and the operating system used
  • The date, time and language of the access Internet site
  • The website and sub website from which the site was reached
  • Activity on site
  • Any other related activity

2. Personal data

Ico Blizzard will collect the following information considered as personal information which will identify you as an individual. If the user declines revealing his/her personal information users will not be able to receive newsletters or email updates.

  • Full name and email address
  • Account information: username and password
  • Financial details: bank account number and account holder

This information previously collected will be used to deliver good quality and optimized content on the website. To understand and improve users interaction in the site. To send ICO Blizzard’s users newsletters and email updates. It would be also used for third-party services such as statistical and analytical services. This information will be saved as long as the users keep being Ico Blizzard’s users.

Personal information will not be disclosed with anyone except with third-party services that work with ICO Blizzard under contract which help Ico Blizzard with its Business, marketing and analytical operations.

Moreover, and in order to protect the personal data, it is saved separately from the anonymous data.


1. Consent

When users provide Information in the website and/or accept this Policy they will be expressing their agreement with it and therefore, allowing us to process, gather, store, disclose user’s information. Moreover, users will be automatically consenting to our collection of information by automated resources and the storing and allocation of the information where our service providers are located.  

2. Disclosure

The information concerned with the use of the Site may be released to provide users with the services and a good functionality of the Site. To protect the rights, security and property of users as well as to detect, prevent and address fraud or technical issues. It might be also disclosed as a result of abusive or harmful use of the Site.


1. In Site

ICO Blizzard uses cookies to offer users best and most relevant experience. By using this website, you are agreeing with our use of cookies.

2. Third Parties

This Policy does not cover or refer to the cookies used by third parties or other technologies they may use. We have no control or responsibility when third parties place cookies on your computer.


ICO Blizzard and the products or services offered on Website are not meant to implore any kind of information from individuals under the age of 18.


ICO Blizzard uses automated and bureaucratic safety measures to protect the privacy of the data provided form users from any kind of loss, exposure, modification or harm. However, the transmission of this information (including e-mail communications) over the Internet or other networks is not thoroughly secure. Also, ICO Blizzard will not be liable for the security of any information that users are conducting over the Internet or through other party facilities.


ICO Blizzard carefully addresses users queries regarding privacy concerns. Therefore, if you have any concerns or queries in regards to your personal information you can contact ICO Blizzard at

What is ICO Blizzard?

ICO Blizzard is a free ICO browsing and rating platform. We consider it as a pool of possibilities for both users who are interested in viewing and discovering active and upcoming ICOs and for ICO organizers who have the possibility of publishing their ICOs.

ICO Blizzard is also a blockchain community where investors and ICO enthusiasts can interact and participate by commenting, rating and providing ICOs insights.

What is an ICO rating?

A rating is a measurement of how good or popular an ICO is. Also, in ICO Blizzard, we want to give everyone the opportunity to evaluate and review ICOs. Therefore, ICO enthusiasts will be able to rate and comment the ICOs they are interested in. However, the rating is not an investment advice, it is created as a way for users to engage with and also as an informational tool. The rating system is created on a 5-point scale, it is possible to rank from 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest (the best possible rating).

If you want to read more about ICO Blizzard rating you can access it at Rating Methodology.

How can I update my ICO profile?

  1. In the main menu click on Register you ICO
  2. Follow all the steps and fill in as much information as you can
  3. Accept the terms and condition
  4. We will review your application and send you a confirmation email

If you have any problems or queries when submitting your ICO, you can reach us via the Contact page.